The Video Factory

30 Year Anniversary

1991 ~ 2021



What will it take to make her stay?  Six years ago, Monica left  Raymond at the alter to seek her fame and fortune in Paris.  Now she's back looking better than ever, and in need of some TLC.  Raymond is ready and willing to do the job, but he wants more.  He's ready to settle down, but Monica has no interest in that.  Does Raymond have enough to make her stay?  Intended for Mature Audiences.  Released in 2005.



The Marriage Contract is a satirical look at the customs and practices of traditional marriage through the irreverent commentary of Relationships Expert, Wayne Brown who has developed a program called The Marriage Contract where couples contemplating marriage are encouraged to create an agreement where the terms and conditions of the marriage are negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.  It is Brown’s contention that through these negations couples will discover thoughts and ideas that will strengthen the relationship.  Released in 2007.  Second Edition released in 2015.


To “hook-up” or not to “hook-up”; that is the question for Grayson in “Never Going to Give Him UP!”.  Grayson is getting married tomorrow, former girlfriend, Melody, wants to “rock” one more time for old times’ sake before the wedding.  So she summons up all of her sexuality, and then some, in her attempt to seduce Grayson.  For many, the answer is easy, but Melody makes it hard for Grayson to resist.  Will he or won’t he?  Intended for mature audiences.  Released in 2008.


Love Never Was the Issue-Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter is a love story about Olivia and Sanders Wilson, a divorced couple, who reunite after Olivia has a heart attack and Sanders becomes her caregiver.  The journey to rehabilitation is not easy for Olivia and Sanders who find themselves battling painful issues from the past while trying to build a future that heals the Physical Heart, the Emotional Heart, and the Spiritual Heart.  Released in 2019.


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