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Casting Call

Production title:            “Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter”

Production type:            Independent, feature movie presentation      

Production location:      Fort Wayne, Indiana

Production company:   The Video Factory, Fort Wayne, IN

Company website:

Shooting location:         Fort Wayne, IN

Estimated start date:    September, 2018

Estimated end date:     December, 2018

Shooting schedule:       Primarily Saturdays and Sundays

Compensation:             yes

Submission deadline:  August, 11. 2018


SynopsisOlivia Wilson and Sanders Wilson are a divorced couple who establish a new relationship when Olivia has a heart attack and Sanders insists on being her caregiver during her rehabilitation.  Establishing that new relationship is not easy for Olivia and Sanders.  There are moments of angst and anger as issues from the past seep into their interactions.  There is also caring and compassion which provides the proof that whatever the problems were in the past, love never was the issue.


Character Bios:

SANDERS WILSON: Olivia’s ex-husband and the father of Sandra and Oliver.  Sanders is the owner of Wilmark Designs, an architectural design company he started seven years ago.  He is a 46 year-old certified architect of African-American descent with thinning, salted hair; brown skin, and a fit physic on 6’2” frame.  He walks for exercise and eats a healthy diet. The owner of a quick wit and clear voice, Sanders is able to make those around him comfortable even when they don’t realize they are otherwise.  Although he strives to always do the “right thing” sometimes he falls short.


OLIVER WILSON: Oliver is Olivia and Sanders’ oldest child.  He is 24 years-old and has a three-year-old son named Carrington.  Instead of going to college, Oliver opted to work for a local automobile manufacturer making twenty-five dollars an hour. This tall, well-groomed young man is extremely protective of his mother, but has distanced himself from his father since the divorce.


SANDRA WILSON: Sandra is Olivia and Sanders’ youngest child.  She is the “baby girl”. Sandra he 22 years-old and attends Purdue University in West Lafayette where she is working on her master’s degree in Nutrition Sciences.  With physical attributes that resemble both parents, Sandra has the aptitude of her father, and a “get it done” attitude of her mother.  Since the divorce, Sandra has remained close to both Olivia and Sanders.  Sandra is someone who has it together, but Olivia’s heart attack has her reaching out to her father for some reassurances.


CRAIG MACON: Macon is a 29 year-old registered nurse who has been a cardiology nurse for seven years.  He has an engaging personality, is thorough in his nursing duties for patients, and always finds a way to show compassion to the families.


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