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DIYV NewsCopy Service



DIYV records the WFFT-TV, Channel 55 10 pm newscast Monday through

Sunday, and provides copies of stories to viewers on DVD.

Ordering Process:

Customers should call The Video Factory at 260-744-6511 or

1-877-997-7722 and provide the day and date of the newscast, and a

description of the story.  Customers may also order news copies by E-mail at

DIYV will verify that it has the story and will give the Customer a return phone call or E-mail.  At that time the Customer can place their order.  DVDs will be available 2-3 days after the Customer places the order.


Refund/Return Policy:

Refunds are not given on purchased DVDs. DVDs damaged by the Customer

cannot be returned.  DIYV will replace a DVD if it is determined that the

DVD is defective.  The request for replacement must be made within 60 days

of the original newscast air date.



DIYV NewsCopy retains newscast tapes for sixty (60) days after airing.


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